Addressing the Burden of Disease in Sudan through Scientific Collaboration

November 20- 22, 2018 | Haggar CSI Division

Themes of the Symposium:

  • Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Neonatal Morbidity, and Food and Nutrition.
  • Diabetes, Renal Diseases, Cancers, and Other Non-Communicable Diseases.
  • Infectious Diseases (Malaria, Water-related Diseases, Bilharziasis, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis) and Antimicrobial Resistance.

Outcomes of the Symposium:

  • To define complimentary research priorities in Sudan and the UK.
  • To outline potential partnership opportunities and challenges between Sudanese and UK institutions.
  • To encourage peer learning and exchange of research ideas.
  • To identify opportunities and challenges of networking.
  • To describe how future partnerships might work and how they might be funded and sustained.
  • To encourage capacity building focusing on training of technical staff, developing soft and pedagogical skills, and availing needed lab equipment; and to engage young researchers like teaching assistants and young lecturers to obtain MSc and PhD degrees.
  • The research collaboration should be for the best interest of the three universities guided by the vision and mission of each university.