Carbon Footprint Inventory Report

December, 2020 | Haggar Group

Under the umbrella of the CSI Department, Haggar group conducted Green House Gases (GHG) inventory of its different business constituents for the year 2019. The original inventory was first done in 2012 and has been conducted every two years since then. As of 2019, and with the support of a renowned consultant in the field, Haggar developed its own calculation tool and started conducting the inventory annually focusing on further improving the accuracy and diligence of the process.

Being a signatory to the UN Global Compact with a commitment to abide by its 10 principles, the Group has launched in 2020 a carbon tax on all its companies. A carbon tax sets a price on carbon by defining a tax rate on GHG emissions of each business unit. This aims at encouraging them to manage their operations in a way that helps in curbing these emissions. For the carbon tax to be properly applied, the carbon inventory needs to be thoroughly and accurately taken.


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