January, 2018 | Haggar Group

2017 seems to have sped past us, filled with expectations and high hopes, which may not have travelled at the same pace.

Improved relations between Khartoum and Washington, yielding to the partial lifting of U.S. Sanctions, were tangible steps in the right direction.

We remain optimistic and look forward to positive impacts for Sudan, the Private Sector, Civil Society, Health and Education, coupled with a whole range of other fields and activities, in the hope that benefit will come to the disenfranchised and those in need.

These are areas where our Group of Companies and Haggar Foundation dedicate their efforts to make a real difference. “A Helping Hand” and “Dream, Deliver, Share” our Mottos, continue to propel us, wherever and whenever possible.We have had a name change, ‘Haggar Trading – DMCC’ has become ‘Haggar DMCC’ headquartered in Dubai, and from where the group manages its various investments across Africa.

We remain concerned with the situation in the Republic of South Sudan, where our fellow citizens continue to suffer enormously and so much needs to be done, urgently.

Our senior management continues to seek out new projects, in defined areas and several potentially interesting opportunities are under review.

Once again, I would want to pay tribute to our remarkable team of young men and women, throughout the Group of companies, for their dedication and full commitment to their work, our traditions and to our Code of Conduct.

As I near my retirement, after more than fifty years in the family business, I am confident that the Group is in very good hands and, God willing, will go from strength to strength.