Gender Inclusion in HRM

February, 2021 | Haggar Group

Gender Equality is a vital subject and a human right that needs to be addressed & mainstreamed. Unfortunately, the progress towards gender parity remains slow specially in the workplace. In Sudan women only compromise around 25% of the workforce and face challenges from gender hostile workplace to discrimination in recruitment process.

This led Haggar Group to conduct a training session for the Human Resources Team across the group as a first step towards tackling this issue. The session itself is a part of a series of commitments towards the cause. The rationale behind starting with the Human Resources Team is expressed eloquently by Ursula Mead:

‘If HR isn’t committed to gender diversity and isn’t championing it, the needle won’t move.’

The session was presented by Gender Specialist Lugain Mahmoud, who formulated a dense and informative session that covered the following topics:
The Role of HRM in Promoting Gender Equality; The Importance of Integrating Gender Equality; Gender Issues in the Workplace; Gender and HRM Functions; Mainstreaming Gender in HRM; Dealing with Employees Resistance as well as Conscious/Unconscious Bias.

Haggar Group urges other private sector entities to partake in the progress towards Gender Parity in the Workplace, by introducing a set of actions including ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ trainings and seminars and ensuring a gender-friendly workplace.