Haggar Group has gone Carbon Neutral for 2016

May 27, 2018 | Haggar CSI Division

Based on the verification of the Gold Standard Foundation and the acknowledgement of the Higher Council for the Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR), Haggar Group has reached carbon neutrality with its carbon offsetting activities exceeding its carbon emissions in 2016.

Haggar has received a solid acknowledgement from HCENR, TNC Project commending the Group on the effort exerted in its recent Greenhouse Gases inventory exercise.

Since 2012, the Group has been biennially calculating its carbon footprint starting by Sudan based companies and recently expanding the exercise to include offshore ones. The exercise aims at calculating and recalculating the Group’s carbon footprint to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 emissions) and taking mitigation actions.

The Third National Communication under the United Nations Frame Work Convention on Climate Change (TNC Project) gratefully acknowledges the importance of the tremendous work done by Haggar Group in offsetting their carbon footprint.

Without great support of Haggar Group, it would not be possible to accomplish this work. The work was done following the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2006 Guidelines and was completed in a very professional and high technical calibration.

It will be a good practice if other industrial enterprises follow the same way Haggar has achieved towards offsetting the target of zero carbon print and achieve carbon neutrality that minimizes the adverse effect of climate change at country level and global wide.

On my capacity as a National Project Manager for the TNC Project, I would like to extend my deep thanks and gratitude to Haggar Group for their expert contribution to make this work a success.

Rehab Ahmed Hassan
National Project Manager
Third National Communication – submitted to the UNFCCC by the Republic of Sudan

The final report is soon to be posted on our website.