Mental Health Awareness Initiatives – 2022

October, 2022 | Haggar Group

As October of each year marks prominent celebrations of Breast Cancer awareness, it is also utilized to highlight another key health topic that is Mental Health.

At Haggar Group we highly value our Employed Persons level of comfort, happiness and the extent of their wellbeing, not only physical but also their mental well-being. We have had numerous strategies and policies in place to monitor, gauge and improve the satisfaction of our employees, such as our Employed Persons Satisfaction & Engagement Index (EPSI), measured through an annual ‘Make Your Voice Heard’ survey, formulated of a 36-questions survey and disseminated to all Employed Persons within our Business Units.

For the month of October we wanted to put more effort to emphasize the importance of mental health and help elevate the stigma around it. Throughout the month of October we have hosted multiple sessions on mental health awareness in coordination with Ahfad Trauma Centre. We had sessions in our different subsidiaries as well as our head offices. The sessions tackled mental health stigma, the recurrent day-to-day stressors and how we can cope with them by attending to our mental health hygiene.


Furthermore we have also utilized on our online platforms to raise awareness on mental health by collaborating with a Dr Fatima Ahmed, a Psychologist from the Ahfad Trauma Centre, to answer recurring questions around mental health and mental disorders – view video here.

We have also developed the Haggar Mental Health Newsletter; an elaborate online newsletter diving deeper into mental health awareness, with information on misconceptions, common mental disorders and resources for professional help, available both on our website and our social media platforms.

We believe steps like these may not entirely eradicate the stigma around mental health right away but they are crucial ones towards creating a more accepting and knowledgeable society that is well equipped to support those in on-going battles with mental disorders and preserving their mental well-being.