Pipeline Blockage Feb-2020

February 2020 | Dynamic

Operating since 1999, the oil pipeline feeding the country’s most important refinery in Khartoum and carrying South Sudan’s oil, has been partially blocked due to some technical issues yet rooted to changing in flowing conditions. This blockage has started to critically affect and paralyze the country’s core activities. PETCO, Obayed Refinery and many local companies including DIOWS have stepped in providing support.

DIOWS, driven by its core loyalty, has taken initiative and offered technical and consultancy services to be an integral part of the team working in resolving this issue that has a nationwide effect. Efficiently and effectively DIOWS’ pumps and professional resources have started to work on solving the pipeline blockage and removing the wax that has led to such blockage.

Taking into consideration the critical time factor, DIOWS, with its experienced resources, descent safety measures, high level of professionalism and continuous hard work over day and night, has used its high-pressure pumps and within a short time we proudly managed to eventually have pipeline smoothly flowing and the stream having its way to Khartoum Refinery and export platforms.

DIOWS effort was highly appreciated by pipeline operators & Government high-profile representatives.