Private Sector Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy – Forum

March, 2021 | Haggar Group

The recent changes in Sudan have led to the country requiring all the necessary support and input for it to be able to secure its development and economic prosperity. One of these inputs is energy, be it fossil, hydro, gas or renewable of which Sudan already possesses ample amounts, albeit untapped on. Availability of energy is key to the country’s development.

Clean energy has far more to offer than just being “green.” It creates jobs, makes electric grids more resilient, expands energy access and helps lower energy bills. It is these factors that have contributed to a renewable energy renaissance in recent years across the world, with wind and solar setting new records for electricity generation.

The private sector in Sudan can play a leading role in driving the energy transition to a green one, hence holding a discussion on the opportunities, challenges, and the possible pathways the public sector can encourage and motivate the private sector to invest in renewable energy.

With this context in mind, Haggar Stakeholders latest Forum, held on March 18th, 2021, addressed the topic of “The Importance of the Private Sector Investments in Renewable Energy: Opportunities & Challenges” in Sudan.

The session was opened and moderated by Professor Rashid Makki Hassan, Secretary General – Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR). Prof. Rashid highlighted the importance of coordination between public and private sector as well as the integration of renewable energy sources to develop the agricultural and industrial sector.

The forum hosted renowned speakers such as Eng. Yasir Abdallah Saied, Renewable Energy Director General, National Electricity Corporation; Dr. Nouralla Ahmed, Energy and Environment program Analyst, UNDP; Mr. Mohamed Yousif Bakr, Managing Partner of Africa Catalytic Investment Partners; Dr. Hassan Mofadal, Business Development Manager at Kenana Sugar Company; Dr. Nagla Jebory focal person for East Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance Sudan, Forests National Corporation.

The speakers covered a set of relevant topics ranging from discussing the possible finance options for renewable energy; the pathways for Sudan Renewable Energy with respect to policy; capital raising for renewable energy; showcasing the sustainable business model of Kenana Sugar Company; and lastly a tap on Carbon Market opportunities in Sudan.

The audience included representatives of the private sector, UN agencies, NGOs as well as public figures.