Public-Private Partnerships Forum

August 15, 2018 | Haggar CSI Division

Haggar Group and its Corporate Responsibility & Social Impact Department continue their effort to engage key stakeholders via the regularly held stakeholders’ forum. The series of forums aim at enabling a shift in the corporate on towards treating the country’s issues as ones that require tackling with all those concerned: the public sector, private sector, UN Agencies, development banks, local and international NGOs, embassies and all other likeminded institutions and individuals.

The topic of the latest forum, held in August 15th, 2018, tackled Public-Private Partnerships and pathways to development cooperation.
The forum targeted all stakeholders involved in PPPs from across Government Officials, Private Sector, Investors, Legal Advisors, Banking, Financial Institutions, Investment as well as Consulting and Advisory Firms.

Key speakers were from the Ministry of Finance & Economic planning- PPP Unit, DirNour law firm involved in PPP law development and an expert from UNDP South-South Cooperation units. They have addressed audiences on the conceptual framework of PPP in Sudan, challenges, gaps and next steps for implementation with highlights on some successful experiences from neighboring countries.

Papers presented and other documents will soon be available for download from the online stakeholders’ platform and its associated mobile app on the following site: