Sudasat Launches Its Connectivity Kiosk in Rural Sudan

August, 2022 | Sudasat

According to research done by our team at Sudasat , a subsidiary of Haggar Group, internet connectivity and telecom services still remain unavailable to a vast majority of areas in Sudan, disconnecting them from many opportunities at domestic and regional scales, job opportunities and key resources.

As Sudasat seeks to elevate this coat of disconnection it has developed its newest project; ‘Koshuk’ or ‘كشك ‘ Arabic for Kiosk. As the name suggests Koshuk is a simple kiosk powered through solar energy to ensure its sustainability and eco-friendly elements. The kiosk is placed at the centre of select areas and localities around Sudan where there is little to no telecom connectivity. The kiosk is a project for the community and is also managed through the community, as it is moderated by the elders or those in authority figures within the area.

Koshuk, provides connectivity services through VSAT, Wi-Fi services and a Point of Sale service for these localities, opening windows for more e-finance solutions and in turn more income generation opportunities and more accessibility.

We highly regard Koshuk a stepping stone to digitizing rural Sudan, and linking all regions of the country in a more efficient and forward fashion. The project is said to support, elevate and push forward many key sectors such as Agriculture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

As of 2022 Sudasat has initiated Koshuk by implementing it in Al Gezira.

Learn more about Koshuk here.