The launch of Orange Corners Darfur

September, 2022 | Haggar Group

Darfur, located at the Western region of Sudan has been plagued by civil conflicts lending it to stereotypes that deem it unfit for business opportunities and entrepreneurship. As we have worked throughout the past years with 249Startups we have explored and challenged these stereotypes.

Established in 2018, 249Startups is a social enterprise for entrepreneurs and innovators alike to find a space to accelerate their ideas and innovative solutions, through the support of experts in many fields. Entrepreneurs can further actualize their ideas and projects through access to capital, funded by Sudanese businesses like Haggar Group, Elnefeidi Group, DAL and other reputable entities.

As we have been committed to support small and medium businesses driven by our on-going commitment to the Sustainable Development Goal number 9; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure we have established fruitful collaborations through our Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact (CSI) Department and the Haggar Foundation to further support 249Startups in their efforts to develop the Sudanese business space and help it grow through Orange Corners in both Khartoum and Darfur States.

Orange Corners is managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through local hubs in more than 10 countries in the MENA region (including Angola, Ghana, Nigeria and Iraq) Orange Corners seeks to support young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses – through incubation and acceleration programs – and further strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, involving education, policy making and skills building.

Orange Corners Khartoum has been established a few years back through the support of 249Startups , and this year marked the establishment of a second Orange Corners in Darfur.

The team and fellow stakeholders like the Embassy of the Netherlands in Sudan saw in Darfur an opportunity to accelerate the development and growth of Sudan, as Darfur boasts an exceptional array of resources, from precious metals to livestock and agricultural potential that can feed the entire region. Among its precious resources are the localities and people of Darfur who have a perseverance and passion to be reckoned with.

Through a field visit our team got to see firsthand the amazing atmosphere, greenery and great potential of Darfur. The visit was accompanied by fruitful discussions with prominent entrepreneurs and business people of Nyala. They discussed access to funding, obstacles hindering regional and international trade and the need for resources such as training and development for the entrepreneurial youth of Darfur.

We got to hear from successful small business owners as they took us through their journey identifying needs within their community and how they have conceptualized these needs into successful and sustainable businesses.

There is much to be learnt from the perseverance of the people of Darfur, and we believe Darhub (Orange Corners’ hub in Darfur) is the place to start, it presents a hub for innovative solutions and economic acceleration presenting a great kick-start to the projected success and much awaited for progression of Darfur and Sudan. The program will provide support to more than 100 individuals in Darfur between the ages of 18 – 35, through funding, capacity building as well as mentoring.