The Biggest Companies In Sudan


Sudan is a country with immense wealth and valuable resources. There are various sectors to invest in that have significant benefits to both investors and citizens. Therefore, big companies tended to establish a business in Sudan. The diversity of the resources and the society categories allows for having a wide range of different projects that will satisfy the needs of these people.

The Biggest Family Companies In Sudan

Haggar Group

The biggest companies in Sudan started their investments, providing various services in agriculture, Industry, Food, Technology, and more. Haggar Group is one of the oldest companies in Sudan, with a history that goes back to more than a hundred years ago. The founder was Mikhail Haggar, who registered the business in Juba in South Sudan. Years later, the company decided to develop and expand its operation by acquiring existing companies inside Sudan, and the greenfield investment, which means having a subsidiary of a company outside of Sudan. The first step was acquiring Pasgianos Food & Beverages in the 1990s. This was followed by acquiring Coldair Engineering company in the 2000s. The company then established Dolphin and Sudasat as joint ventures with other companies in and out of Sudan and acquired a stake in Juba Insurance Company. Finally, the group started investing in Agriculture as an important economic sector.

Haggar Group’s goal is to work in vital sectors that affect the country’s economy and benefit them as well. Therefore, it diversified into several fields that provide unique services in each of them. For example, in the agriculture field, Iwatoka is the agricultural subsidiary of the group. It was registered in 2012 and worked on different projects in Sudan to develop agriculture.  In the energy field, Dynamic International Oil Well Services was founded in 2005. In technology, Dolphin (2013) and Sudasat provide carriers and satellite services in an attempt to make Sudan a leading country in the market in Africa. In the industry field, Coldair Engineering company was acquired by Haggar Group in 2000. It produces refrigerators and air conditioners of different types to meet the needs of the Sudanese people. Furthermore, Pasgianos Food & Beverages is the first soft drinks factory in Sudan, with a broad base of clients in and out of Sudan. It was established in 1953, but Haggar Group bought it in 1999.  The group has other subsidiaries working in different fields, such as Trading: FIDES (2017), Real Estate: SEDCO (2014), and Finance: Juba Insurance Company which Haggar bought in 2010.

The Biggest Telecommunication Companies In Sudan

Zain Group

Zain Group is a leading telecommunication company in Africa and the Middle East. It was founded in 1983 in Kuwait and expanded to include seven more countries: Sudan, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Morocco, and Lebanon. The company started its operations in Sudan in 1997, which made Sudan the number four country in launching mobile services in North Africa.

The company started as a joint venture between Sudatel and other partners, but in 2006, it was acquired by MTC, was rebranded to Zain, and joined the other companies in Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain.  The company aims to offer extraordinary services to its customers.  Zain-Sudan has today the biggest share with more than 12 million customers. It offers postpaid and prepaid services in addition to internet packages with high speed and affordable prices to satisfy the needs of the individuals. As for business, Zain provides internet services to corporates according to their needs and roaming services without subscription fees. It also provides Bulk SMS services which allow corporations to send SMS  to customers for the latest news, offers, events, and advertisements.  Not only that but the company also offers many other services in addition to services that are coming soon for the best mobile and internet services ever. 

The Biggest Mining Companies In Sudan

Rida Group

Rida Group is the first private mining company in Sudan and the first company to introduce a gold tailing process. It was founded in 1993 and has been developing since then to take the mining industry to a new age. The company is working in North Sudan with several locations and plants. And to achieve its goal of becoming one of the top five mining companies in Africa, it acquired gold blocks in different locations in Eritrea and Guinea.  RIDA Group aims to develop its business along with society through working on multiple projects and operations. It works on important minerals such as gold, copper, and chrome, in addition to services in the fields of energy and solar VP, drilling operations, consultancy, and laboratory services. 

The company is in a continuous effort to develop and expand, since it was established, it acquired Al-Abedeya block, and then years later the heap leach started production. It also introduced the CIL production plant and drilling operations to develop the mining processes. Rida also established Remed Engineering Company which offers consultancy services and solutions for mining field operations.