Coldair Engineering Company: History of Coldair


As one of the top companies in home appliances in Sudan, Coldair Engineering Company started as a small business by Mr Vassilios Christoforou, who opened his first shop for repairing household refrigerators in Khartoum and later expanded his work to include commercial refrigerators for hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets.
In 1952, the company, named “Refrigeration House” then, moved to Khartoum and expanded the business to include several activities such as manufacturing window and split type air conditioners, refrigeration equipment for fruit storage, and the maintenance of all types of refrigerators and air conditioning equipment.
In 1957, Coldair Engineering Company for the manufacturing of household refrigerators was established and in 1960, the company signed an agreement with the American company Kelvinator International to manufacture the “KELVINATOR” refrigerators in Sudan. The factory was built the same year in the Khartoum North Heavy Industrial Zone where it’s located now.
Five years later, the company started manufacturing refrigerators under the brand name Coldair which manufactured six models of household refrigerators in 8 and 10 cubic feet. After a short period, the company began manufacturing 12 and 14 cubic feet of domestic refrigerators. In 2001, Coldair Engineering Company Ltd.’s ownership was transferred to Haggar Group, which then made great efforts to develop the company in a number of ways, firstly; Haggar Group rehabilitated the factory facilities, adding new production lines, machinery and equipment, and changing the administrative and technical system.
Haggar Group also trained Coldair’s staff and added a new production line for manufacturing chest deep-freezers which came in four sizes: 9, 12, 14, and 18 cubic feet, with the most recent addition being the No Frost refrigerators which come in four sizes, 12, 14, 16, and 18 cubic feet.

Keeping a Balance

Coldair Engineering Company boasts a wide profile of credentials; in 2007 it became an ISO 18001 certified member and later an ISO 9001 certified member in 2008. With outstanding after-sales services, a keen quality control division – ensuring timely problem resolution – and a professional staff subject to on-going training, the company offers a valuable experience in many ways.
Furthermore the company doesn’t only value quality and customer satisfaction but it also places social and environmental values at the core of its operations as it runs on socially and environmentally conscious practices throughout its value chain; reducing its negative environmental impact and maintaining an ever growing sustainable business that balances profit generation for its stakeholders and social responsibility for its surrounding community.

Coldair Products

With a long history in the field and vast experience, Coldair now boasts products known for their durability and reliability and a 5-year warranty. The company aims to become a household name, leading the manufacturing of high-quality household electric appliances. Today, Coldair offers refrigerators, chest deep freezers, and split-unit air conditioners with diverse specifications to satisfy the Sudanese market’s different needs.


Coldair Engineering Company offers two types of single-door refrigerators that come in 10 and 12 cubic feet. In addition it offers double-door refrigerators of 12 and 14 cubic feet.

Chest Deep Freezers

The company also offers chest deep freezers in four different sizes; 9, 12, 14, and 18 cubic feet.

Split Unit Air Conditioner

Coldair also has a new line for manufacturing split-unit air conditioners, which comes in 18000 BTU and 24000 BTU.

Departments at Coldair

The company has several departments that work harmoniously to provide the best products and services. These departments are as follows:

  • CEC Customer Care & Services Department
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Purchasing & Planning Department
  • Finance Department
  • Sales & Marketing Department
  • Production Department
  • Maintenance Department
  • Human Resources Department