haggar group's CSI principles


Haggar Group integrates corporate sustainability core subjects across all its companies and various activities olidly embedding CSI measures in the Group’s governance system.


Haggar Group holds itself accountable for all impacts resulting from decisions made by the company on society, the economy and the environment.


All information related to the impact of the company on society and environment is readily available, directly accessible and understandable to those who have been, or may be, affected in significant ways.

Ethical Behaviour

Business ethics and values in Haggar Group reflects a genuine concern for people and the environment and a commitment to address the impact of its activities and decisions on all stakeholders’ interests.

Respect for Stakeholder Interests

Haggar Group respects all the interests of its stakeholders through consideration of and responding to their interests and concerns when making business related decisions.

Respect for The Rule of Law

Haggar Group complies with all applicable laws and regulations and making sure to inform all Group Employed Persons of their obligation to observe and to implement those measures.

Respect for Human Rights

Haggar Group ensures through its policies and practice that human rights of all of its stakeholders are protected and avoids taking advantage of situations where those could be violated.