esg framework

Strategic commitment to sustainable development is an integral part of our approach. Haggar Group has gone the extra mile to not only deal with its negative impact and direct corporate responsibility. Instead, it strives to fully integrate social, environmental and governance issues into its strategic plans and core business activities in a way that make the transition from traditional to sustainable business.

Haggar Group has adopted CSI values and standards in all its business processes and practices that reduce negative environmental and social impact, and contribute to sustainable development; providing goods and services that address the world’s major challenges of poverty, climate change, resources depletion and globalization.

Our Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact department ensures inclusive practices and strengthening of our governance system, communities and the environment on local, regional and global contexts.

Through CSI measures, the Group addresses the concerns of its stakeholders and strives to maintain a balance between financial profit and socio-environmental best practices.

As clearly stated in the code of conduct, Haggar Group is highly committed to implementing CSI initiatives that put the values and measures of social and environmental responsibility at the heart of its business practices.

our approach

Developing and using governance structures that help to promote ethical behaviour within the group of companies, in its decision-making and in its interactions with internal and external stakeholders.

sustainability framework

The Sustainability Policy

Defines commitments to environmental and social sustainability.

ISO 26000 Standards

Our Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact department has adopted the seven core subjects of the ISO26000 Corporate Responsibility Standard.

Performance Standards

Defines Governance, Environmental and Social Performance Standards that define Haggar Group responsibilities for managing their environmental and social risks/impacts.

UNGC Principles

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Haggar Group is committed to promote the UNGC ten principles under the four thematic areas; Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption as well as advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.