our people

Haggar group is committed to equal opportunities for all, irrespective of colour, race, religious belief, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, disability or age. We are committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and diversity, with emphasis on employing nationals, whenever possible.

Haggar works hard to ensure that access to employment, internship, training and promotion is free from discrimination and based solely on the objective assessment of ability, competency and other job related criteria.

Haggar Group measures selection of its suppliers and service providers on the basis of committing, at least, basic human rights and fair labour practices. The group has zero tolerance to any service provider involved with unfair trade practices or practicing forced or child labour.

Haggar Group will be guided in the conduct of its business vis-à-vis its employed persons by provisions of the Labour Laws.

Through its CSI activities,
Haggar will focus on the below subjects

Efficiently use human resources, while ensuring fair representation of historically under-represented groups (including women and disabled) in various positions in the organization.
Provide good conditions of work and social protection.
Promote and maintain health and safety at the workplace.
Provide skills development and career training opportunities.
Ensure fundamental principles and rights at work.
Employment and Employment relationships.
Initiatives Targeting Employed Persons and their Families
Along with other diverse community projects, the CSI department implements an annual initiative that directly targets the wellbeing and ivelihoods of lower level Employed Persons. Income generation activities, support of education and events equipment are amongst initiatives implemented during the last five years.
Encouraging the Employment of the Disabled
As per the company’s mission statement, Haggar Group shall take affirmative steps to hire, retain and promote qualified individuals with isabilities. This includes refraining from discriminating in employment against qualified individuals on the basis of disability.

We are an equal opportunity employer; we have none of the dividing lines of ethnic origin, creed or gender.

Employed Persons in the Haggar Group understand their role and responsibilities as members of a team and the family; we work together for the common good of each and every member, and the family at large.

To achieve this, we bind ourselves to a code of conduct, which determines the way in which we conduct our business and how we treat each other. We regard this as a formula for success.

Anis G. Haggar, Chairman