Haggar Group recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains life on Earth for future gener-ations and thereby ensuring that all humanity can attain a healthy and enriched life. To this end, Haggar strives to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of our business activities.

our policy

Through our environmental policy, we strive not only to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, but also to deliver environmentally conscious products and services that contribute to sustainable development. We are committed to continuously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions; Haggar Group carbon footprint internally, and offsetting our emissions through green initiatives externally.

Haggar Group commits itself to implement environmentally responsible business practices dedicated towards an improvement in environmental quality within and outside the Company.
Haggar seeks out opportunities to create more sustainable development initiatives and work on ensuring that the whole length of its supply chain is considered, including sourcing and disposal.

haggar group
environmental commitments


Using sustainable, renewable resources wherever possible


Embedding environmentally friendly technologies in the core business operations/processes dealt with at top-management/ strategic level.


Acting to calculate and recalculate carbon footprint of the group to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 emissions) and taking mitigation actions.


Considering environmental responsibility at all steps of the manufacturing processes and all the links in the supply chain while promoting environmentally responsible business practices.


Advocating for raising environmental awareness and strengthening climate change dialogue internally among EPs and externally with different stakeholders.