Dolphin Telecom Company Services


Dolphin Telecom History

Dolphin Telecom is one of Haggar Group‘s companies. It was established in 2013 in Dubai, UAE, and specializes in capacity wholesale and internet bandwidth for carriers, ISPs, and enterprise customers. The company aims to become the preferred global communications services and solutions provider. Its mission is to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of the African market by providing different services. 

Dolphin Telecom Services 

The company provides several services, including the following:

IPLC service 

The first is IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit), an “Always On” leased point-to-point digital circuit. It’s reliable, dedicated, and used to transport data, voice, and video. In addition, it allows two-way transmissions at different speeds according to the customer’s requirements. This service is available at all company’s points of presence with several features such as scalability, quick connectivity as it takes a very short time to reactivate the circuit, interconnection with global carriers, and full and half circuit provisioning. IPLC also allows connection with international carriers to expand connectivity with other continents. In addition, the service provides many benefits. For example, it’s highly reliable and provides 24/7 customer support. It also offers a wide range of options to choose from and the ability to run several applications simultaneously. All this comes with reasonable costs and flexible payments.

IP Transit 

The second service is IP Transit. The customers can buy wholesale internet capacity in this service and distribute it into their network using their infrastructure. IP Transit is designed for content providers, carriers, internet service providers, and high-end enterprise customers. The service is available in PoPs in West Africa, and it’s designed for the long term. It’s a highly reliable service that provides protection with other submarine operators, high quality, and multiple internet gateways that increase availability with low latency due to using the shortest path. In addition, it’s very easy to scale your capacity when needed with a rapid increase in capacity to handle the surge in traffic and direct peering with local and international exchange points to speed up access to local content. The benefits of IP Transit are the ability to burst service, quick connectivity with a short time to activate the circuit, and high coverage for all our points in Africa with a high capacity ((≥ 45 Mbps).

Interconnection Service

Dolphin also offers interconnection services that allow connections with other operators and carriers in our points of presence. The service is designed for submarine cable operators, local and International Wholesale Carriers, and Data Centre providers. It provides a flexible traffic exchange, two-way interconnection, originating route, and exchange traffic. Concerning the features, the service allows the diversity of routes in all points of presence across West Africa, direct connection to major networks, and ease of traffic management.

On-Demand Backhaul Service

The fourth service is On-Demand Backhaul Services which offers unlimited bandwidth, maximum control, and network security. In addition, the customer can use dark fiber to run many applications over his infrastructure. This service provides reasonable costs, high security, and high performance. The benefits are that the customer can run multiple service applications and scale the capacity without additional charges. It also gives the customer complete control over his network.

Hybrid Solution 

The last service is a Hybrid solution. It’s a combination of a lease and an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU), and it’s designed for the medium to long term; it can be three to five years. It offers customers high capacity at a very low cost and flexible payments. The service features are high bandwidth at a low price and a long-duration contract. The benefits that come to the customer are the high return on investment, better management for cash flow, 24/7 customer support, and flexible payments. 

Dolphin Telecom Clients And Partners

Dolphin satisfies increasing market broadband growth and customer demand for data by providing affordable rates and reliable service capacities. It connects 18 African countries with one cable system, and it serves the following categories and others:

Telecom operators, ISPs, LTE/4G Operators, OTT, enterprise, and government. It has five partners: SPARKLE, Etisalat, AFR-IX, Comsys, and Broadbase. It’s working now on two projects: OHSAS-ISO and CSR.