Fuel Efficient Stoves for North Darfur Women Registered under Gold Standard Foundation

Under the Gold Standard Foundation certification plan for voluntary emission reduction, the Haggar Group, in Partnership with Women Development Association Network (WDAN) have officially registered their joint carbon-finance project: Fuel-Efficient Stoves for North Darfur Women as an official Gold Standard registered carbon project.

The project replaces less-efficient cook stoves in selected areas in the North Darfur region for the EzyStove® which models superior performance combined with a modern, desirable aesthetic, improving the quality of lives, and preserving the environment. The EzyStove® facilitates 40% in wood savings and reduces smoke emissions that are harmful to the eyes and lungs by 70% as well as promoting other socio-economic benefits. The project covers 50% of stove costs for beneficiaries as subsidy while 50% of the stove cost is covered by the end users.

With the correct and consistent usage of the stoves, carbon emissions are expected to reduce about 7,000 Tonnes of CO2 annually for seven years. With the reduction of emissions, as an officially registered Gold Standard project, come the rewards of carbon credits, which are tradable in the international carbon-credit markets.

This registration marks the maturing visions of the project, displaying the materialization of real and measurable benefits to local stakeholders which the Haggar Group and implementing partner WDAN look forward to realizing, through the acquirement and selling of carbon-credits, to then reinvest into similar projects within our local communities.