Pasgianos: Sudan’s Favourite Drink


Pasgianos is a Food & Beverage company that is part of Haggar Group. Haggar DMCC is the regional headquarters of Haggar Group. Mikhail Haggar registered the first Haggar in South Sudan in 1904. In the 1930s, George, Mikhail’s son, established a plantation of tea and coffee in the Equatoria. In the 1940s, he diversified into different fields such as tobacco cultivation and cigarette manufacture, soap production and gold mining.

The group has eight sectors in six countries across Africa. The company works in different fields such as: 

1- Agriculture: Iwatoka company.

2- Trading: FIDES and SEDCO.

3- Energy: Dynamic International Oil Well Services.

4- ICT: Includes two companies. The first one is Sudasat, a satellite company, and the second is Dolphin, which specializes in carriers and cables.

5- Industry: this sector also includes two companies. The first is Coldair, an engineering company specializing in refrigeration and electronics. The second one is Pasgianos Food & Beverages, which we will talk about in this article.

Pasgianos: A History

Pasgianos was the first factory for producing carbonated soft drinks in Sudan before Coca-Cola and Pepsi appeared. The history of the famous Sudanese soft drink, Pasgianos, goes back to the 1920s, when G.W Pasgianos, a man of Greek origins, started to bottle fresh lemon juice manually. Then he began to produce a lemonade and ginger drink. The factory’s name was G.W Pasgianos, and its location was in Al-Souq Al-Arabi.

George Pasgianos and his two sons moved to a new location in the industrial area, which later became the Pasgianos factory. He started to make lemonade with artificial products. He added drinks made from red and white ginger, Lemonada, (a lemon soft drink) and Orangada, (an orange soft drink). Afterwards, he started to bottle the juice with machines and produced the first foreign soft drink in Sudan under the name Kitty Cola. A swiss company sponsored the drink, and when Mr Pasgianos wanted to make some changes to the drink, the mother company refused; thus, he thought of making his own unique product.

Mr Pasgianos travelled to Cyprus to study the techniques of soft drinks, and he took a six-month course. When he returned, he stopped producing Kitty Cola and replaced it with Double Cola with a specific recipe he created himself. He imported the raw materials from the United States of America. The drink was met with huge success and popularity.

In 1959, Mr Pasgianos produced another soft drink, Fruto (later called Pasgianos), with a combination of different fruits put together by Mr Pasgianos himself, and imported the raw materials from England and France. After a while, all products stopped except for Double Cola, Orangada and Fruto (Pasgianos). In 1961, the Pagianos Food and Beverages production plant was officially registered as a production facility at the Ministry of Industry. 

Haggar Group bought Pasgianos Food & Beverages in 1999 and put together a plan to develop the factory. First, they installed German machines in August 2000 with a production capacity of 6000 boxes per day. The group kept growing and expanding the factory until 2003. Finally, the total space became 14,400 meters square. The official opening was in August 2004. The Haggar family invited Mr Pasgianos and all the former workers in the factory to the ceremony.

In 2008, the company installed a new line for plastic packs, followed by a line for metal packs.

The company distributed the products to most Sudanese states. It started to export them to many countries such as the UAE, UK, Australia, and is now looking to export to Qatar.  The slogan of the company is “a flavour that defies time.” The company imports all the flavours from Europe with a quality that never changes.The company doesn’t use any local flavours, there are plans to use flavours that only exist in Sudan.

Pasgianos Products

The main products of the company are: 

1- Pasgianos:

Fruits-mix flavoured drink, that comes in three different sizes, 330 ml, 500 ml and 2 LTS.

2- Pasgianos light:

Zero-Sugar soft drink, that comes in two sizes, 330 ml and 500 ml.

3- Forat soft drink:

comes in two flavours, lemon and orange.

4- Forat water:

pure drinking water, treated with ozone, that comes in 600 ml.

5- Forat Soda water:

produced in 2018 and comes in 330 ml.

6- Aseel:

non-alcoholic malt drink, made in 2008, comes in three sizes,  250ml, 330 ml and 500 ml, and different flavours such as pineapple and pear.

7- Pasgianos coffee:

a new product that combines coffee with the company’s original flavours.

8- Zeia:

the most recent creation by Pasgianos, vitamin water, comes in three flavours: lemon and ginger, peach and melon.

On the 5th of November 2020, the company added a new PET line that increased the capacity by 16,000 units per hour. All the products come in plastic packaging and different sizes to satisfy the various needs of the customers.  Pasgianos has shown outstanding success in a highly competitive market. The products the company makes are of such high quality that they continue to be requested from companies and individuals worldwide.