Establishment of Sedco

Sedco (Sanctuary Estate Development Company) is a real estate company, and it’s one of Haggar Group‘s subsidiaries. It’s a joint venture between Haggar Company and Go Real in Lebanon. It was established in 2014, located in South Sudan, and it aims to provide residential compounds and apartments that vary according to the different needs of the clients. The company constructs residential buildings for rent in Juba for local and foreign renters. 

The company offers furnished residential apartments with various specifications starting from studio apartments, single-room apartments, two-room apartments, and commercial buildings with offices and open areas. 

Sedco Goals and achievements

Sedco aims to provide apartments with exceptional facilities and continues to develop its compounds to guarantee the complete satisfaction of the renters. 

The company works on improving the residential compounds with the best facilities. It also aims to provide job opportunities to the local citizens and train them well to get internal promotions. 

The company constructed two residential compounds in Juba, South Sudan. The first one is Alice, and it was built in September 2014, containing two studio apartments, 31 single-room apartments, and eight two-room apartments. The second one is Mary, and it was constructed in 2020, with three studio apartments, a conference room, and a fully equipped GYM, in addition to luxurious facilities surrounding a 14*7 swimming pool. In addition, the company installed a new solar system in the Mother Alice apartment complex in January 2020. This comes within the company’s efforts to keep the environment safe. It also uses electrical appliances with low consumption and a water purification system to reuse the water for watering the plants.

A Brief About Haggar

Haggar Group is one of the largest companies in Sudan. It works on vital economic sectors to help flourish Sudan’s economy and diversified into various fields covering the different needs of the people. Haggar’s first company was established in South Sudan, where the founder Mikhail Haggar settled in with his family and started the business. The group has subsidiaries working in fields such as agriculture, ICT, industry, trade, and energy. And it covers many countries in Africa, aiming to be a pioneer in the continent, covering the needs of a wide range of areas. The group’s history goes back to 1904, but it continued to develop year after year until our days. And it believes that diversification is an important way of achieving excellence. For that reason, it worked in several fields with the same efforts and worked hard to develop each sector separately. Sedco, for example, has shown outstanding growth and development during the short period since its establishment.